Ultra-Nanometer water ion air purifier

為了改善您與家人、朋友以及同事之間的空氣品質,高利科技打造微笑風品牌,幫您戰勝室內及車上空間汙染。 無論是菸味、廚餘味、尿騷味、寵物體味、油漆味或甲醛、VOC和懸浮微粒等,都可達到極佳的改善效果。 

In order to improve the air quality between you and your family, friends and colleagues, Golden Land Technology creates a “Smile Wind” to help you overcome indoor and car space pollution.Whether it is smoke, kitchen aftertaste, urine smell, pet body smell, paint smell or formaldehyde, VOC and aerosols, it can achieve excellent improvement.


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